The time has finally come to share my latest, two-part project. As some of you may know, I had a project that was very near and dear to me for quite some time called The Noir Book. I spent a majority of my career pulling it together... slowly. I think the Universe decided to let me know I was taking entirely too long on the project, as it was just that; a project and not my life's work. The subtle way being to crash the hard drive with a bulk of the project on it. I was bummed, but it was exactly what I needed to light a fire under my ass.

That being said, a new, grander idea has come from the ashes. Introducing a double-sided coffee table book, WELLNESS AND HEALTH / HELLNESS AND WEALTH.

Some people have a work self and a much different side that their friends see. Some people have an everyday version people see as compared to an alter-ego that surfaces in Las Vegas. Then there's others with a humble conservative inside that just can't wait to prowl outside the boundaries on Halloween. As we all have our two sides, our saint and sinner, our yin and yang, so does this book.


"Scissors" by Matt Blum

"Scissors" by Matt Blum

WELLNESS AND HEALTH will be the Dr. Jekyll of the two sides, containing beautifully lit, classic black and whites representing the essence of strength in it's many forms. Much like oak trees, bamboo, or a resilient flower growing in the crack of a city sidewalk demonstrate the various forms, as will the varying forms in this side of the book.


HELLNESS AND WEALTH is the Hyde... and very much so. Limitations will not exist. Taboos will be explored. Anonymity is to be expected. It will be garish, illicit, and full of juicy life. Chapters will include "Monsters Under the Bed", "Bro-doir", "Fashion Victim", and "Designer Imposters".