Model Portfolios

Portfolio Building

As a model, there's nothing more important than keeping your portfolio fresh. New images are just the spark needed to capture the attention of prospective clients and agencies. Stick with us to help you catch the eye of publications the world over!


As seen in...

Jk. No, but really. These are just some places you can find our work.

The 1st Step

Building a solid portfolio is the first step towards your modeling goals. You don't need a manager, assistant, or an entourage. You need photos. Period. Not just photos you got from a photographer friend or family member either. We're talking about quality, professional photographs that get you noticed. Think of it as an investment in your future.

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Stand Out

The key is to stand apart from the crowd. If not, everyone would model, right? Trust us to help you build a strong portfolio that will get you noticed!

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Stay on top of trends that the top names in the industry are looking for!

Common Questions:

"I've got a friend/family member/creepy guy on Instagram wanting to take my pictures for free. Why should I use you?"

Well, that's simple. Experience, quality, and that guy "giving away" photo shoots isn't exactly a professional if he's working for free. If it seems too good to be true, it usually is.

"I'm on a budget. Do you offer payment plans?"

Absolutely. We understand that investing in a professional portfolio is a big step. Therefore we make as painless as possible for people of all types to come in and shoot.

"How long do shoots typically last?"

Generally, we schedule shoots on a "per look" basis. This is per outfit worn for shooting. An hour per look is our standard measurement, because we understand some people take longer to warm up than others. Nerves are a part of it. Don't worry, we're fun and we've got candy! :)

"What's included in a photo shoot?"

A standard shoot includes ALL raw images in a gallery for you to review, along with three edited images of your choosing. If you would like hair or makeup, we can arrange it for an additional fee. Want extra edited photos? No problem. We're here to help! Our focus is making you a awesome portfolio.