No photograph is more important than your headshot. It is the very first thing people will see before deciding to proceed with you in many aspects of life. In business, it's likely your LinkedIn profile or company website. In acting and modeling, it's your main photo on your comp card. Dating? Yep, you're getting judged right there, before any witty comments get read.

Shouldn't you have the best headshot possible? ABSOLUTELY.


Business Headshots

We've got tons of options to get you the photo that gets you noticed.

For Business

Some of the top companies in Dallas trust Blum Photography with their headshots, and you should too. Why? Consistent results and the ability to create content to draw in the audience YOU need.

Realtors, lawyers, and any sales position need this more than anything. Trust is your number one weapon, and that starts with a high quality portrait.


Model/Actor Headshots

Set yourself apart from the pack with an eye-catching comp card.

For Models and Actors

Look at a comp card. What's the first thing you see? Your headshot.

This is ultimately how you will begin the selection process from a pool of your peers. It could separate you from one person with a similar look, or dozens. You need to make it count.



There's something for everyone, from seniors to the newly single. Put your best foot forward!

Senior Portraits / Dating / Misc

Yes, even in today's swipe-happy world, nothing is left to chance. Sure, you might not want a perfectly done beauty shot, but you definitely don't want last night's 2am party pictures when trying to find a mate, do ya? :)

A session in your "natural habitat" with a candid approach is perfect to show off your best features.

Trusted by the best businesses in Dallas.