Booking Info

WHO do we shoot?

EVERYONE! No really. Everyone thinks you have to be a professional model to do a photo shoot. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Everyone has a reason to get new photos.

Need a new headshot to attract new jobs via LinkedIn, Facebook, etc? We've got you covered.

Want to document some awesome transition in your life (fitness, newly single, etc)? You got it!

Point being, there's always a good reason. Whether it's as simple as wanting new Instagram pics (yes, we do lots of that) or a gift for a special someone, we'll have you covered.

WHY shoot with us?

As you know, everyone knows a photographer these days. So, why choose us?

Plain and simple... results that will consistently get you noticed time and time again. Not to mention, the resumé to back it up. Some of the top companies in the world trust their photographic needs to Blum Photography, and you should too.

Words from some of our clients:

"Matt has always pushed the limits of what I expect from a photo shoot. There's just no doubt I'll get the results I need." - Sarah T.

"Excellent work every time." - Eugene (Esquire magazine)

"He did my daughter's modeling portfolio shots. They came out so good, I came in for my own session!" - Lauren R.

HOW MUCH does it cost?

Other photography studios charge a low up-front price to lure you in the door, then sell you upgrades and "extras" for editing, digital copies, etc. This is called "back end sales". They've already got you on the hook because you paid a low rate for a photo shoot... but you have no photos. To get them, you'll pay more. To have them edited you'll pay more. Prints? You guessed it. More money. The idea is to get you in the door.

We are different. Everything is up front. Want a portfolio shoot? It's a flat rate per look (per outfit). That includes all raw images in a gallery for you to review. Included in the rate are three edited photos of your choosing. (Yes, you get to choose. It's not you getting force fed images you may not like.) You can also order prints directly from the gallery with no outrageous pricing.

This is our recipe for happy customers and clients who return time and time again.

We keep our pricing very competitive here. We'd rather have TONS of happy clients, than cater to a small percentage of the Dallas market. Some of our competitors charge upwards of $300 for a 20 minute headshot session! That's just crazy. We believe in taking the time to get you comfortable and getting the results you deserve.


Contact us today to get a custom quote for your shoot today! We're looking forward to working with you :)